Live Sync between multiple computers

  • Hi, I’m not sure where new enhancement ideas would go, so feel free to move this thread if this is the wrong area.

    It would be really cool if Notepad++ could sync the active tabs between multiple computers.

    Many of us work with multiple computers each day, so being able to copy/paste into NP++ on one computer, then go to another system and grab the text out and continue working would be a huge help.

  • I imagine you could “hack” this kind of work by using the portable version of Notepad++ and placing it in DropBox or some other cloud sync tool so that the application and its config file carry between computers.

  • You would still have a lot of stuff stored in memory that wouldn’t sync at all. It is fairly straight forward to sync configuration settings, under the settings options just specify a folder that is synced between computers.

    Long ago there use to be a plugin that allowed two users to connect their N++ instances together and edit the file simultaneously (kind of like google docs allows). Can’t recall what it was called or if it even works with newer versions of N++

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