Plugin Manager still using SourceForge?

  • Are there plans on moving over the plugin manager lists and downloads to avoid SourceForge? Are there alternate locations (GH, etc) to download the plugins so I can install new ones manually?


  • Yes, there are plans. And some action too :)

    Hosting the plugins is up to the individual authors, and since the 1.3 version of PM, github etc can all be used without any issue.

    The current work is going into rehosting the XML list - whilst this is a tiny file (currently about 50kb), it’s downloaded a lot. Like, a serious lot.
    It results in about 800GB of traffic per month. I’m going to be doing some work in PM itself to try and reduce that, but that might take some time (security is hard, and needs to be done carefully). Prior to that, I’m going to be moving the hosting from SF to a cloudflare CDN, which should hopefully take the brunt of the traffic, and then I’m in talks with a potential sponsor for the rest of it. Yes, that means there’ll be a logo in PM, but it will just be a static logo, and I think we can live with that.

    I’m also working on making the updates more regular, via an automatic system. This will actually increase the bandwidth requirements, but hopefully with the other improvements, we should stay steady.

    Thanks for bearing with us whilst I get this all organised.


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