N++ Development: GUI editing

  • What is the recommended/preferred way to edit the resource scripts for Notepad++ GUI development. In the past I’ve used things like ResEdit to edit my own resource files visually. I didn’t know if most people just hand edit them and keep recompiling, or if the Visual Studios Community Edition was able to do that, or what exactly. Currently I just have Express installed. Thanks.

  • Hello dail.
    I’ve just made my first steps in editing GUI resource files.

    After downloading the source, I opened the Visual Studio project.
    I modified the shortcut.rc file with the graphical tool, then I saved, recompiled the project and tested it at runtime.

    When everything started to look OK, I went to edit the source code.
    VS auto-regenerated it and made it kinda messy.
    So I did a diff, found the meaningful lines, and merged the new lines against the old file.
    Then I cleaned up removed all unnecessary spaces that VS inserted but were clashing with the coding style.

    Now I got a clean file with just a few updates.
    You will see my pull request tomorrow.

    Hope it helps.

    Paolo Gatti <lordkrandel>

  • Do you have the community edition installed? I’ve got express and it can’t edit the resources through a graphical editor, only plain text.

  • I have the Enterprise edition available at the office.
    Any paid version of Visual Studio includes the resource editor.

    The only free alternative graphical resource editors I know are ResEdit and


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