N++ leaving SourceForge: too easy to not notice this news?

  • Hi. I do not regularly follow the N++ development. I checked in at the website today too see what’s new.

    After a while I learned that SF is out in the cold since June. However, this was only after I had already been redirected to SF by an older version of N++ (as it happens, I have the Charlie version that fails to state a version number in “About”…): The menu choice “?” -> “Notepad++ Project Page” directed me to an SF download page (although the downloads are removed). There I followed a discussion link and found the news (it is still there as a sticky post in the SF forums, that is good).

    Now consider the N++ official site @ notepad-plus-plus.org: I would expect this news to have such magnitude that it should be clearly announced on the home page for at least a couple of months. It is seen in the news headlines, but anonymously among other news. Why not giving it a special color to make it stand out, or dedicate a subframe on the “Home” page to it. Considering that there are old versions of N++ out there that might send ignorant users like me to SF, all the better if the official N++ site informs and warns about it as clearly as possible.

    (You can critizise me for running an old N++, but surely I am not the only one. I do seriously consider upgrading shortly, that it why I checked in in the first place to see what’s new.)

    Thats my few cents about that. BTW, I enjoy N++, thanks for it!

    Best Regards,
    Anders H

    PS. Why does the submission form have a spellchecker that randomly capitalizes Words? There, it just happened! I have seen this in other places too.

  • There was a News item and info on the front page for a fair while from memory.
    I tend to keep up to date with versions.
    People who lag (for any reason, not all bad) need to phone home when they do upgrade; i.e. check the main site before upgrading any software.

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