Notepad++ doesn't open if I install any plugin

  • I am running Notepad++ v.6.8.3 on a brand new insallation of Win 7 Pro. If I try to install any plugin, Notepad++ doesn’t open. If I open the task manager, I can see it running there, but no interface. I have tried installing it and reinstalling. I have tried to remove all traces of install from the registry using CCleaner. I have tried installing it into a different directory.

    I am specifically trying to install the explorer plugin. Notepad++ only opens if I go into the plugins folder and remove the explorer.dll file, and then I can open Notepad++.

    Any help will be appreciated!!

  • Ok - I only cannot install explorer or light explorer - I have managed to install other plugins successfully. I really do need the Explorer plugin.

  • Update - the plugin SherloXplorer has saved my working existence! It installed, my Notepad++ opens up no problem and is arguably better than explorer.

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