Windows 10 Breaks NP++ File Open Browse

  • Greetings:
    I have found that since upgrading my O/S to Windows 10, the Notepad++ file open browse is failing. I can open files using a command-line option (Notepad++ file_to_open.ext), but I cannot browse up a new file. Instead, when I try, I see nothing for a while. Then I click on the NP++ window, and it shows me a busy cursor, from then on.

    To get out of that, I wind up killing the NP++ window itself. The most recent upgrade did not change anything.

    I think this is a Win10 bug, but I am hoping this has been seen by others on this community, who know a fix/workaround. It could also be an incompatibility between NP++ and Win10. I seriously doubt that, because I have heard no other such reports.

    Any input is appreciated.

  • Hi, I just installed notepad++ on my windows 10 machine today so can’t offer any kind of expertise.
    But I can browse and open files via the File/Open menu. So if that’s what you mean then it’s working for me.

    I have a problem of my own though that you may be able to help with…

    My mouse cursor disappears when moved over the column containing the line numbers…
    Maybe you could let me know if this happens on your machine?

    Hope this helps,

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