Increment number more easily

  • Increment number (in many files at once) is one of the most critical plugin (option) that Notepad++ needs.

    See that Increment number is very easily with Sublime Text and Text-Pastry plugin. Please see this tutorial.

    So, practical, in this video. I have a number “1” which is repeted. I change this number with “xyz”, then I search all “xyz” and with Ctr+Alt+T (Text-Pastry plugin) I just select the option “\i”. Without any column editor and so on…

    In 35 seconds. I could have 10000 rows to increment in the same small time. So easy.

    The mor important, that sublime text does not right now, is that it can change increment only in one file.

    The more important for Notepad++ is to make this kind of plugin (or option) to make increment in many files at once. Just an “Find in files”, replace all. Practically has to find the word “xyz” in 50 files, and to change it incrementally.

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