Possible graphics issue

  • Before anything: Love, Love, Love Notepad++. Thanks to the developer(s) for making this available.

    Ran into something odd. When I have the Find/Replace window open I sometimes have “glitches” (best word I can think of) with graphics. Let’s say I have Notepad++ open and then open Firefox (FF). Then from FF I open Thunderbird (TB) mail. When TB opens I end up with a rectangle the exact size of, and in the same space/place on the screen, as the Find/Replace window from Notepad++.

    If I minimize TB or click on Notepad++ to bring it active, the problem goes away. It seems to only occur if I click on TB from the windows taskbar. Doesn’t happen ALL the time, but often enuf and seems to have started within the last couple of Notepad++ updates (currently on NP 6.8.4.

    Anyone else experience this? Can’t tell if it’s Notepad++ or something else (tho, have seen it occur only with NP++).

    Other than this minor annoyance, NP++ works flawlessly for me.

    Thanks in advance for any help.