Notepad++ 6.8.6 released

  • @donho
    Minimize to system tray worked in Windows Administrator Mode in all the previous Notepad++ versions.

  • Hello,

    If I want to close <form> in php, it prints EVERYTHING after the closing sign. I mean this one: >. Can you fix it for me, please? I don’t do something wrong, haha. I watched videos on YouTube, and they do it the same way, but they have an older NotePad++ and it works on that version. I am not English, so I hope I wrote it well. Thank you!

  • Hello there!

    I’ve updated today via the auto updater and encountered a bug, which doesn’t occur in 6.8.3 (hence I’ve downdated to that version).

    I have the following settings according to the tab style:
    default = 2 characters, replace tabs by spaces
    javascript = don’t use default, instead use 4 characters and don’t replace the tab

    After 6.8.3 (I don’t have tested which version introduced the bug) the javascript-specific tab style setting is ignored(!)
    Instead always the default setting is used. Other languages seem not to be affected. This bug is nasty, because I must use different indent style according to the programming language (xml, javascript, C/C++ = 4 character tabs, else = 2 character spaces).

    It whould be nice if you could fix this bug.

    Kind Regards
    David Gausmann

  • @David Gausmann
    I did a fix here:

    Could you confirm me the bug is fixed for you?


  • Hello!

    I am using Notepad++ on Win10 Home 64bit. When I use virtual desktops, N++ does not allow me to switch to another desktop (via Win+Ctrl+Left/Right key combo). I have to do it twice to switch and NP++ comes in front on the main desktop, if i.e Firefoy was previous app on top.

    Also shadow of Document map is visible on other desktops.

    Kind regards,

  • @donho Sorry for my late response, but I forgot to answer over the weekend. :D
    I’ve tested your fix and the bug is now semi-fixed:
    After replacing the Notepad++.exe I’ve started Notepad++ and the bug was still present for Java script files. Then I went into to settings dialog and modified the value for the Java script tab width. After modifying this value everything was fine. This behaviour changed in comparison to the unpatched Notepad++.exe where the tab width keeps wrong after modification in the dialog, so your fix worked at this place.
    Unfortunately your fix is not used in a recently started Notepad++. You must go into that dialog and change the setting first, otherwise your fix doesn’t work.

    So there should be one place more to fix.

    Kind Regards
    David Gausmann

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