np++ crashes on me and zeroes out my file .

  • Hello & Thanks ,
    I am running np++ 6.8.1 win7 x64 laptop .
    Every so often , np crashes on me and zeroes out my file .
    A very important dailyLog file . It has been doing this thru many versions back .

    Is there a fix for this ?
    I have tried to use the backup features , but can’t get it to backup .
    Pls , ‘how to backup this file daily’ ?


    Win8 x64, win7 x64, PureBasic, HotBasic, WebPlusX6 .
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  • Honestly, that is not alot of information to go on so I’m not sure how much help I can be. No one has reported this kind of issue I’m aware of. Can you reproduce the issue? Is it a plain text file? Is it a large file? Any information you can provide would be beneficial.

    np crashes on me

    What do you mean? Does it just go away? Does it freeze? Does it show an error message?

    I recommend following these steps.

  • Today is the second time this happens to me. It just crashes like a poorly written program with no warning of what occurred. Always seems to happen with files a user continuously builds up over time… it’s a feature.

  • @Carlos-Alberto-Calzadilla said:

    Always seems to happen with files a user continuously builds up over time

    Carlos ,
    Yes , exactly , thanks for validation…vm

  • Yes , exactly , thanks for validation…vm

    Nobody said it wasn’t happening or that your problem wasn’t valid. It’s just without more information there’s not much to go on.

  • YES
    I was running NP++ I think version 6.8.3 or so, on my Win7 64 Professional Laptop taking detailed notes of a meeting. I routinely save all drafts incrementally about every minute or three to a named TEXT File. About an hour or so into the meeting (est 5-7 pages??) my Lenovo laptop totally blacked out - like an EMP blast hit it, for the first time ever - I’ve had the professional level device for about two years. ALL TRACE OF THE SAVED TEXT FILE WERE OBLITERATED ON THE LAPTOP. I could not even locate fragments using RECUVA and of course no drafts were buried in my \users… zone under Notepad++.

    I rolled back to 6.8.1 and have been VERY careful saving drafts in meetings. Unless NP++ identifies the persistent bug and kills it, I would recommend a major warning be posted for users saying the utility is unstable and likely to delete data with no trace.

    Is there a totally STABLE / SAFE older version for simple ASCII note taking?

  • Good News Update: I very carefully (often saving) saved over two hours of detailed meeting notes using NP 6.8.1 earlier this week - and it did NOT crash. I have had a few occasions where NP 6.8.1 greys out on me and then shuts down, but at least I didn’t loose data. I do hope as ‘updates’ to NP++ are posted, all the highly qualified contributors to this tool keep it stable, and warn us if there are reports of crashes. Thanks.

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