Search Value Default

  • I would find it far more convenient for Search value to default to the previous rather than the value it is resting on.

  • Not gonna happen. :)

  • How about as a Preference option?

  • Also probably not going to be done. You have to realize that with a program such as Notepad++, everybody uses it a little bit differently, and consequently thinks it could perform better with their exact needs met. The designers are faced with keeping the masses happy, not necessarily the individuals. Your request is outside what the masses expect as proper behavior.

    Not everything can or should be made a configurable option. Again, it is a delicate balance between flexible functionality and just too many config options.

    I can suggest a workaround: If you move the caret off of the current word it is on, into an area where it is touching only non-word characters (for example, in a group of spaces at the start of a programming line), then invoke the search, the default search text WILL BE the PREVIOUS search text.

  • Hello Tie Edi and Scott,

    Although, I’m agree with you, Scott, on not always increasing the list of general options of N++, why couldn’t we insert, this option itself, in the Find and in the Mark dialogs ?

    Something like : Display previous search, instead of selection

    I, personally, would like this one, too :

    Close the window after a first search or a mark operation

    Next, we’ll just have to hit the F3 key or the SHIFT + F3 shortcut, for other matches !

    Best Regards,


  • guy038,

    A lot of the feature suggestions I see on this community for Notepad++ simply seem to miss the mark in features “for the masses” in a text editor. I consider the one that started the thread to be one of those. On the contrary, your suggestion about closing the window is right on the mark for text editor functionality (so I “upvote” it). I have been using text editors for 25 years or so, so I can tell the difference in text editor feature value (okay, everyone is allowed to have an opinion). There seem to be quite a few things about the Find/Replace feature in Notepad++ that could be made better. I believe I’ve seen most of the things I think are important to this already suggested elsewhere, so I won’t reiterate here.

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