Are there any plans to create a MAC/Apple supported installer like dmg?

  • I’ve been using Notepad++ from many years and recently moved to MAC, I do not see any equivalent alternates like this on the appstore, please help creating a package for MAC/apple for user like me.

    I am using Sublime, text wrangler etc, but no fun without notepad++.

    If there is a native package (Not the X-11 platform which simulates windows on MAC) already available then please share the URL.



    They are close, not as good as Notepad++ but think they’ll never port it over Mac OS X. I got Parallels to run windows on my macs in a virtual machine and forced to use Notepad++ that way. A pain and expensive and enjoy it but more and more using, teeth bashing and grinding, Coda since I like to stay Mac native. The download is a 14 day free trial so see if it fits you. If only everyone would come to love macs and OS X, but I digress…

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