Feature Request: save the style token in to filename.tk

  • Dear notepad++ team.

    This program is powerful yet fast
    In addition to all the convenient function, I found the style token color function is very useful.
    Hoever, it seems the style token wont exist after the file is reloaded from the disk.

    I would like to suggest some option for style toekn.
    a. could we have more than 5 style token color?
    b. is it possible to save the style token for specific files,
    eg: if the file name is xxx.c, then the style token file could be name like xxx.c.style
    it could be saved automatically when the files xxx.c is saved.
    c. the feature of b could be toggle on/off

    thanks for the great program.

    Best Regards

    Kevin Tung

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