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  • It’s probably a combination of my age and medical issues, but I have not figured out how to do a simple search from within notepad++ for a text string in either a filename or content for a set of simple ascii text files created with notepad++. As of now, the files are all in a single folder on a separate hard drive partition. I want to do these searches from within notepad++ so I can edit the text file when I find it. I can locate the file with WinExp and xYplorer. Are there notpad++ tutorials to watch?? I’m about to give up on this and go back to xYplorer with allows me to do boolean searches. I like the text editor features of notepad++; xYplorer does not have that. If you can help me, I’d appreciate it. JDDomine-Radel 20151109

  • Hello Joseph,

    May be I’m totally wrong, but are you talking about the Search - Find in Files… option ( CTRL + SHIFT + F ) of Notepad++ ?

    Once this Find in Files windows is opened :

    • Just choose the expression to search for, the search mode, and some other options

    • Choose the directory where to search, and, possibly, in all its sub-folders, too

    • You may also choose one, or more, filter(s), as, for instance, *.xml , abc*.txt

    • And, as soon as you click on the Find All button, the Find result window is displayed, at bottom of the screen, with all the lines, of all the files, accordingly to the chosen directory and filter(s), containing the search string or regex !

    • Then, in the Find result dialog, just click on any line to open this specific file, in N++, at the location of the search string. You may also right-click, in the Find result dialog, and choose the option Open all !

    Best Regards,


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