SAS & Notepadd++ (adding new programming Language set)?

  • Is there any chance that Note++ has any development work towards adding SAS* to is programming language list? I for one find it an awesome tool for working with JavaScript and am now working in a SAS shop. …and was wondering if there was any other demand out there. *(As in It’s “Find in Files” feature would make sharing/borrowing other in house code in SAS a breeze. At the least I wish I could program it to know the difference in comments and code. TIA -Keith

  • For the time being, you might want to add SAS as a user defined language.

  • I would appreciate this feature, too!

  • Hello,

    do you know that Cath Lawrence did create an UDL already?


  • I’m using the UDL language prepared by Cath Lawrence that I found on the wiki. Is there any way to alter the appearance of the colours of text when they contain key words?

    For example if I type dataset1, at the moment ‘data’ ‘set’ and ‘1’ are all displaying in the keyword colours, all different that is. I just want it to be basic black text.

    Can you it from recognizing the key words when they’re part of a longer string?


  • Hello Daniel-Grint,

    if you click on Language->User defined…
    the dialog appears. Here you can set your preferences as you wish.
    I think the solution to your reported issue is to put the folding keywords from
    first to second style box.


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