Problem with right to left languages

  • Hello there,
    I and a lot of people speaking and writing in right to left languages, use and love notepad++. But there is a major problem that makes it hard to work with that.
    The problem occurs when we are working on files that have two languages in different orientations (like an html document in Arabic that has a lot of tags in English). It is so hard to select or edit Arabic texts.
    For example when I put the cursor between two characters and want to insert some new character between them, the characters are inserted somewhere else. I want to insert at the end, but they appear at the beginning.
    I know that we can change the orientation to RTL every time we want to edit those text, but it makes it hard to work with such files. Even simple editors like Windows’s Notepad can handle these languages without problem.
    I know that solving this problem makes a lot of people happy and more interested to use this really good editor.
    I’m ready to help developers, in order to achieve this goal.
    Thanks very much for your time

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