Notepad++ v6.8.6 bug-fixes and enhancements:

  • This is what I get after i have installed npp and then try to open it. Can anybody help?

    1. Fix function list not working for Javascript regression.
    2. Fix maintain indent not working in javascript regression.
    3. Improve the language detection at the beginning of file content.
    4. Fix possible file corruption during macro playback.
    5. Fix wrong EOL mode for opening/reloading big files.
    6. Fix loading 3 bytes file error due to bad encoding detection (UTF16 w/o BOM).
    7. Fix DocMap not updating issue when switching to user defined language or external lexer.
    8. Fix reload file issue: document marked as unsaved after reloading.
    9. Enhance the detection of EOL: if a document has no EOL for detecting, use EOL of new document settings.

    Included plugins:

    1. NppExport v0.2.8
    2. Plugin Manager 1.3.5
    3. Converter 3.0
    4. Mime Tool 1.9

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    Sorted. I feel a bit silly

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