New auto-indentation vs Whitesmith indent style

  • Hey! Huge fan of Notepad++, it’s one of the first things I install on a new system.

    Older Notepad++ have had a more manual tabbing style. But newer Notepad++ have now added auto-indentation that forces a style. Problem for me is that I’m a fan of Whitesmiths indentation, meaning:

    if (blabla)
         var bla = “bla”;
         return bla+bla;

    I’ve got a neuroscience degree, and I work with UX. For me, this alignment uses the visual cortex better (basically fewer “visuospatial objects” by creating a gestalt (joining together a shape) between the braces and the associated command block). I don’t mind that other people use (and enjoy) the “popular style”, where braces become separate dots in the visual space, but for private projects, my brain is clearly used to the advantages of the Whitesmith style.

    Notepad++ has been one way for me to get easy access to my favorite style. But to turn the default auto-indent method off, it seems I now have to turn off auto-indentation completely, meaning I have to tab each line manually from column 0. This is a dealbreaker for me.

    Am I correct that it’s either this new, meddling auto-indent - or “no auto-indent at all”? Is there some option I’ve missed? Thanks in advance for any answers.

  • Searched a bit. For anyone with similar wishes as me, the problem started in 6.7. The last version with the original indent style is thus 6.6.9

    So I’ll leave this post as developer feedback and stay on 6.6.9 until further notice. Thanks

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