New shining 6.8.7 release is ready for Black Friday

  • New shining 6.8.7 release is ready for Black Friday.
    What are you waitting for? Kiss my App!

  • Yeah baby!

  • Hello Don,

    Thanks for the new option in Preferences - Default Directory, which allows the user to choose between the old and the new behaviour of the Save [As…] dialog …and for setting the old one, by default :-)

    Best Regards


  • Hello Donho,

    there I’ve found some bugs according to Java script/PHP (tested with 6.8.7):

    1. The language specific tab style of Java script is only used after you were in the configuration dialog and changed that value. If you have recently started Notepad++ the global tab style is used instead. You must first modify the tab style to get it worked. I’d reported that at the thread for the last version, but it seems that you didn’t recognize my response.
    2. If you add some keywords to Java script (in my case I’ve added the word “null”; at this point I’ve the question why this isn’t a keyword by default?) these keywords will be ignored. In a prior version (e. g. 6.8.1) this worked fine.
    3. In PHP the option “make links clickable” will cause a strange behaviour, because the entire comment will be turned into a clickable link. This behaviour is also new.

    Example for 3.:
    In the next line there should be a clickable link, but not in this line
    This line here shouldn’t be clickable

    Kind Regards
    David Gausmann

  • When Notepad++ was free, that was a heck of a deal, but now that it’s 80% off, who can pass that up?!

    BTW, Notepad++ is a GREAT product and I recommend it heartily.

    FYI, I had version 6.8.3 and selected ? / Update Notepad++ and it only downloaded version 6.8.6.
    Then from version 6.8.6, selecting ? / Update Notepad++ reported “No update is available.”
    Was that expected?
    As a workaround I was able to download and install version 6.8.7 directly from


  • @deanwiles Auto Updater is only triggered after one week of initial release if there is no regression found.

  • I’m having similar problems with URLs in code comments to what David reported. If I put a URL in a comment, the entire comment turns black and underlined, instead of just underlining the URL and staying comment-green (as 6.8.6 does).

    See this screenshot:

  • @IByte_NL This will be fixed in the next release.

  • @Ghasan Not sure I understand what you mean. If I select “Update Notepad++” from the ? menu, shouldn’t it download the latest (6.8.7) version? Instead the update function downloads 6.8.6.

  • @Dean-Wiles It downloads whatever version is the newest and has been available for more than a week.

  • @dail Thanks. I thought that might have been it, so I had just tried it again. Since it had been 10 days since release, I was surprised it still didn’t get 6.8.7. Guess I just need to be patient ;) Sorry for the newbie question.

  • just downloaded today, found bug in npp.

    rightclick on *.txt (or other file types) (windows explorer) -> until open with dialog box appear -> browse -> point to fullpath of this app -> [OK] -> then npp doesnt appear in the list of “open with” dialog box

    software :
    windows explorer in windows xp sp2 and 3

    i only found step how to open doc : drag and drop file(s) to npp directly, no please dont talk about “file assoc option in npp”

  • oh 1 more

    its text:

    i want to select a~e, so i double click on it, good, but in text :
    abcde fghij
    i want to select entire , so i double click on it, the result :
    none of them is selected and the address opened in new browser, its annoying, so i tried to unmark enable in clickable link setting, but its no effect
    its takes almost 1 second to select
    what if very loooooooooooooooooooong url address ?

    yes … if its by keyboard … sure its fast, but switching from mouse to keyboard every time … hmmm … (you know it)

    can npp developen build double click on URL = select entire address just like another text ?!
    or like firefox or chrome on addressbar,
    1 click for point
    double click on /community/ = community,
    triple click = select entire url/line/paragraph

  • actually 5 more

    if double clicking on text = select entire group of text&number / simbol = highlight all same text in current doc, what if i want 2 words (multiple words), (how ? : like (doubleclick) 2nd click is not click, its drag and drop), important parts is find & highlight all

    (2) customized toolbar / menubar
    save all next to save button is makes me really scared, i want save all disapear

    (3) please make CRLF symbol more smaller if show all character=active, its too big on editor,

    (4) file is ANSI, if npp found non ansi character (only in UTF8/16 (unicode) like 【this♥】) in doc, please ask do you want to convert ANSI into unicode ? when saving doc,

    (a). able to save find and replace as template for future use (not only history list in combo box)
    (b). able to switch text in input : find and replace, rather than cut-paste-cut-paste
    (c.) so we can hit enter (as new line) in find/replace input box (some program Ctrl+enter)
    (d). please change font in input box (like Lucida Console), its hard to recognize(read) : ((i(l|.)],
    what i’ve always done is : edit in windows notepad, and copied into find/replace inputbox npp
    (e). my text editor is not always npp, so … regex replacement is different every each program, some use dollarSign some use backSlash, please a remainder text

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