Auto-insert is not working if there is following char

  • This happens in lats couple of builds
    I cant auto-insert parenthesis in the middle of something

    entering parenthesis after log will result with just left one
    instead of both as it was before

    is this from now on normal behavior, bug, or I need to do something else for this to work as it was?

    this is how it looks on my settings page

  • Yes, can confirm, npp 6.6.9 and maybe later versions as well, allowed it,
    whereas npp 6.8.7 doesn’t do it.


  • any chance we get back previous behavior?

  • I see this issue has been already addressed.
    Let’s see which decision will be made but I agree that, from my point of view, this is an unexpected behavior.
    In addition I don’t see a case in which one needs an open but never a closing bracket, although it might be possible.


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