Find In Files causes Right-Click Context Menu to stop working

  • With v6.7.9.2 after executing a Find In Files, the Context Menu stops working. Opening a new instance with -multiInst option returns the functionality in the new instance but not the original. Using a WinXP machine.

  • This alsao happens on a Win7 machine

  • i too have this problem

  • As a temporary solution until the problem is fixed you can disable DSpellCheck plugin (move the DSpellCheck.dll to plugins/disabled folder).

  • Ditto on Windows 8.0
    Glad to know a restart of Notepad++ will reset the issue.

  • Also version 6.9 had the same problem. I moved DSpellCheck.dll to plugins/disabled folder and is now working.

  • Hello Jason and All,

    You should do this test :

    • Re-install the DSpellCheck plugin in the plugins directory

    • Open Notepad++

    • Choose the menu option Plugins - DSpellCheck- Settings…

    • Click on the Simple tab, if necessary

    • At the bottom of this panel, for Suggestions Control, click on the drop-down list

    • Select the Special Suggestion Button ( instead of the default option Use N++ Context Menu )

    • Click, now, on the Advanced tab

    • In Underline Style, you may change the appearance of the misspelled words ( Squiggle, by default ) as well as the colour ( Red by default )

    As DSpellCheck will, no longer, use the Context Menu, may be the issues won’t appear anymore !?

    Best Regards,


  • For me, this was resolved by removing the version of DSpellChecker and retaining version.

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