App Mobile Developement??

  • Is there any plans for us to build hybrid or native apps on notepad++ ???
    I am coding in Javacript and I use Phonegap and Facebook react. I really do not like these programs as I prefer notepad++.

    I want to be able to create hybrid apps for mobile phone in notepad++ in the future by coding in Javascript. Please make it possible. Thank you for your great help.

    I am using windows 7. No fancy stuff like Apple or Mac computers. Screw that! Don’t have money for that kind of stuff anyway.

  • Hello Tom-Nogge,

    maybe I’m missing something but what prevents you to start coding in javascript by using npp?
    Do you want to have an complete javascript IDE?


  • Are notepad++ able to compile Javascript into native app such as android and Iphone mobiles?
    See I just code in Javascript. Then I use facebook react or Phonegap to compile it into native Android and IOS mobile phones. I want notepad++ to have such a compile feature into native and hybrid mobile phone apps.

    Will notepad++ have such a feature in the future? I love using note++ for creating webpages. But I am not able to compile it into Android or IOS.
    I do not know if you have used facebook react but surely you know what I mean about this?

  • Hello Tom Nogge,

    To be honest, I didn’t hear about react or phonegap before you mentioned it.
    Just googled it and found out that neither product is a compiler.
    This are frameworks and they do have tools which can be used
    to compile code. So I assume npp and NppExec plugin could be used
    to compile it but as already said, I didn’t know about it so I’m not sure
    how much needs to be done to make it work.
    Maybe someone with more react/phonegap experience can give you advice what needs to be done.


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