to close text blocks with empty rows

  • Hello,

    Since the version 5.x.x. I can’t open a text block after using “close all text blocks” if a text block starts with an empty row.
    I always have to check that all text blocks don’t start with a empty row that the little + comes to open the block.

    Is this a bug or an error in the property adjustment?

  • Hello Phil1523,

    I don’t see a “close all text blocks” feature on my npp installation.
    I do have the foldings and hide line but nothing called “close all text blocks”.
    And this two function seem to work or I missed something.
    May I ask you what exactly did you do to get this feature?


  • Hello Claudia,

    sorry, it was an error in translation. I installed notepad++ in english now.

    What I meant was View=>Fold all

    But to see what I mean I can show it in an easier way:

    Please set the language to visual basic

    then type this:
    <Tab> text1


    <Tab> text2

    Then you can see that the “text1” get a little + and will be recognized as a level.

    At the “text2” you don’t get the little + and notepad don’t recognized the text2 as a new level.

    thanks for your help!

  • Hello Phil1523,

    yes, visual basic lexer has some limitation especially when it come to folding.
    To speak with the words from the developer.

    The current VB folder is very simple and is based upon indentation.
    A folder based on VB syntax will require someone to implement and contribute it.

    This was as of 2013-11-30, so it’s unlikely that it will be solved soon.


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