Find and Replace specific character in a specific string

  • Hi,
    I have a text:

    way 150841940
    highway = residential
    name = ‘Smith 120’
    name:fr = ‘Simon 120’
    nd 1637110349
    nd 1637110360

    Then I want to replace any digit in lines which have "name = " in it with another character, and I don’t want any digit in other places be replaced.

    for example, I want replace 1 with X then :
    name = ‘Smith 120’ --------> name = ‘Smith X20’
    but name:fr = ‘Simon 120’ --------> no change
    and nd 1637110349-------->no change

  • Hello Saeed-Ghazi-Joolaee,

    from the provided example I assume that Smith 120 is surrounded by a single quote.

    Open replace dialog and check regular expression in search mode.
    The regex which needs to be used is

     (.*name = ')(.* )(\d+)(')

    which should result in 4 groups

    \1: name = '
    \2: Smith 
    \3: 120
    \4: '

    what means the replace dialog needs to be used like

    Find what    :(.*name = ')(.* )(\d+)(')
    Replace with :\1\2xxx\4

    which would then result in

    way 150841940
    highway = residential
    name = 'Smith xxx'
    name:fr = 'Simon 120'
    nd 1637110349
    nd 1637110360


  • Thanks Claudia,

    But I mean something else. I have numerouse sequence of this text block with different “names” which have different numbers in them. I want to replace “1” in all names with “X”, '2" with “Y”, and “3” with “Z” …9

    way 35103881
    name = ‘4/2’
    nd 411824630
    nd 717069654

    way 152126825
    name = ‘2nd Street’
    nd 1649547187
    nd 1649547183
    nd 1649547177

    way 191544328
    name = ‘Joe 618’
    nd 2021290076
    nd 2021290075
    nd 2021290074
    nd 2021290073

    way 191544409
    name = ‘John 13’
    nd 2021290720
    nd 2021290719

    (Excuse me for long Example)

    How can I replace one by one digit with my desired letters in “name” lines. Maybe with help of Marked lines this could be done, isn’t it?

  • Hello Saeed-Ghazi-Joolaee

    still having problems to understand the logic which needs to be used.
    I understand only the line with name = is of interested.
    Can we safely assume that the value which needs to be changed is surrounded by single quotes?
    Is the first digit,which needs to be replaced, strictly mapped to a letter ?
    The provided example

    name = ‘4/2’ needs to be changed to something like name='Y/2’
    name = ‘Joe 618’ to something like name = ‘Joe R18’



  • Hello Claudia,

    Thanks for your contribution,
    Exactly, I want to replace Latin numbers with Persian numbers. For your convenience, I used here Latin letters.

    I must do it digit by digit, because I don’t know which numbers is used in my text (I can’t do it from 0 to 9999999999…, Thus, It’s better done digit by digit from 0 to 9). And I want only to replace numbers in name = lines not other numbers - which must be in English intact.

    @ Can we safely assume that the value which needs to be changed is surrounded by single quotes?
    quotes are not important at all.

    @ name = ‘Joe 618’ to something like name = ‘Joe R18’

    Exactly. Finally after replacing all 9 digits I want name = 'Joe RAV’

    Thanks in advance.

  • Hello @Saeed-Ghazi-Joolaee

    quotes are not important at all.
    they are important as I use a regualr expression based on the existance of the single quotes.

    You need to run the regex 10 times, for each digit one run.
    You build 4 groups ( ), where as group 3 is the number you are looking for
    Something like

    (.*name = ')(.*)(8)(.*')

    and replace with


    The letter which is used as replacement is between group \2 and \4 without spaces.

    I hope this does what you are looking for.


  • Hi Claudia,

    Thanks for your kind help. I almost reached my destination. The only thing is that for numbers which have equal digits like 33 or 333 I must search two or three times to complete my replacement. As far as my numbers are maximum 3 digit numbers, this in no matter.


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