Problem: How to stop notepad++ changing the search string.

  • When I am searching through text, repeatedly hitting the enter button, suddenly I notice that notepad++ has changed the search string on me, and now I am searching for something else. Then I have to backtrack to find at what point notepad++ switched it on me.
    I just want notepad to leave the search string alone.

  • Hello Samuel-Same,

    which version of npp you are using?
    On which operating system?
    Did you use normal search mode or extended or regular expressions?
    Can you reproduce it or does it happen randomly?


  • Ya, I see the same problem. Extremely annoying. I search for “test”, make a code change, go back to the Find What box and “test” is not there now, its changed to whatever the cursor was over when opening the search/find box again. Couldn’t big a bigger pain. If I wanted something different in the Find What box I would put it there. DO NOT HELP ME.

  • When the find window is opened, the word under the cursor is grabbed and used by it. If you don’t want this, either put the caret in an are where there are no word characters touching it before calling up the find window, or use the “find next” or “find previous” shortcut keys (which will use the last search text).