Undo history cleared after saving?

  • Whenever I save the undo history is wiped clean. Very annoying. How do I stop that? I always want to keep undo history across the entire session and saving of all files.

  • Hello Ken-Williams,

    actually I do have the desired behaviour.
    I can modify a file, save it and still being able to redo the changes.
    I did’n find any configurabel setting so I assume it’s either the npp version
    or a combination of my settings or a plugin is responsible.
    Can you start npp with -noPlugin, or -noPlugins depending on which version you are, switch
    and check again?


  • next time it happens I’ll try the noplugins switch. I find sometimes it clears the undo list and sometimes it doesn’t. need to figure out more and will try to post back soon.

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