Search for <span and Replace it with newLine+<span ?

  • Hello & Thanks ,

    How can i search for <span and replace it with newLine+<span .
    or vice versa search </span and replace it with EolLine+</span .

    As always Thanks …Vern

  • Hello vern,

    replace dialog check extended.

    for the new line

    Find what: <span
    Replace with: \r\n<span

    but what do you mean by EolLine?


  • Hi Claudia , Thanks ,

    <but what do you mean by EolLine?>
    EolLine (redundant name) , I mean EodOfLine .


  • Hello vern,

    still not sure, but do you mean end of line?
    If so, the \r and \n are end of line chars.

    Depending on which operating system you edit a file, it will
    end a line by adding one or both of this chars to that line.
    So on mac os an editor would add an \r, on most unix oses
    an editor would add \n and windows editors using \r\n.

    So if you want to change something like

    <span> text text text


    <span> text text text</span>

    you would use, same replace settings as before,

    Find what: \r\n</span>
    Replace with: </span>


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