Is this program out of beta?

  • I was trying to use this today - I set it as my default editor for Filezilla!

    Having a local copy and a server copy, I edited the local copy which opened in Notepad++

    I made one change and hit “save” - then in Filezilla, I uploaded the changed file.

    My website went weird to I checked back and the file size on the server was 0 bytes! So I uploaded again - same problem!

    I went back to Notepad++ and it had crashed making it impossible to edit the open file with one option only - close the application.

    I closed it, and reopened - now my file is empty! Notepad overwrote my file with nothing and then I uploaded the 0 byte file over my backup copy!!!

    How do I recover my file??? How can notepad++ wipe my file? Not really comfortable using Notepad++ anymore… Help! is there a backup or temp file somewhere???

  • Clearly Notepad++ is long out of beta - unless you used a test version of some sort. While no software is completely bug free, my guess is that there is something else going on here.

    How big was your file - I am wondering if the save operation took an appreciable amount of time, and there was some sort of unfortunate interaction between NP++ and Filexilla.

    You really should use a backup system of some sort - but for now, possibly the hosting service for your website has backups that you could access.

    You might find something in:


    To resolve this problem, you clearly should experiment with a copy of your file. If you can reproduce the crash, you should disable any plugins and see if NP++ crashes.

    The strange thing to me is that NP++ clearly hadn’t crashed at the point when you saved your changes and went back to Filezilla - so why did it crash while you were using Filezilla?

    Did the crash message say anything useful?


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