Customize Toolbar - New Version 4.1

  • Version 4.1 of Customize Toolbar has been released.

    Version 4.1 fixes the problem that prevented the ‘Folder Margin Style’ options (in Notepad++ Settings > Preferences > Editing) from actually changing the folder margin style. In order to fix this problem, the command codes for the ‘Hide … Margin’ menu items and toolbar buttons have had to be changed (see Release Notes below).

    Both ANSI and Unicode variants are available for download at: Toolbar v4.1/ Toolbar v4.1/


    New features, changes and fixes in Version 4.1:

    • Chg: Command code for Hide Line Number Margin menu item and toolbar button changed from 44012 to 44212.

    • Chg: Command code for Hide Bookmark Margin menu item and toolbar button changed from 44013 to 44213.

    • Chg: Command code for Hide Folder Margin menu item and toolbar button changed from 44014 to 44214.

    • Fix: Changing Folder Margin Style in Notepad++ Settings > Preferences > Editing dialog did not change folder margin style. Fixed.

  • Hello Dave,

    Thank you for your brilliant work. I really appreciate it.


  • Thanks for your had work. Love this plugin have been using it for years.

    Will there ever be a way to change toolbar icons? I would love to create a new toolbar icon pack…

  • Hello Ethan,

    You can change any toolbar icon by creating a CustomizeToolbar.btn file (located in the plugins\Config folder).
    An example is available here (the ZIP file contains also some toolbar icons and relevant Python Scripts).

    If you create any new icons, please upload and update here.

    You might be interested in Franco Stellari’s MenuIcons plugin.
    An updated icons set is is available here.

    See also this thread.

    Best regards.

  • Last time I tried the menu icons plugin it didnt seem to work well with the custom toolbar. I will try again.

    Can we place the icons in a subfolder? My config folder is already messy. Would love to be able to keep toolbar “skins” organized neatly.

  • I didnt know about the custom icons feature of Customize Toolbar. Amazing.

    A few questions:

    • How can I generate the current toolbar within CustomizeToolbar.btn so that I can just edit the icons?

    • How can I use icons 48x48

    • Can we place the icons in a subfolder? My config folder is already messy. Would love to be able to keep toolbar “skins” organized neatly.

  • Customize Toolbar:

    • You can not generate any icons by CustomizeToolbar.btn. It’s the other way around: you create icons and associate them with various commands in that file.

    • Only 16x16 images are supported.

    • The icons must be located in the Config folder.


    • You can place the icons in any folder. Insert the path in the Options window.
    • There’s a reference to different image sizes here.

    Customize Toolbar and MenuIcons are two completely separate plugins created by two developers.
    Customize Toolbar uses BMP images, whereas MenuIcons works with ICO images.

    I never had any problem/conflict with them.
    I’ll be glad to help if you encounter any issues.

    Best regards.

  • Maybe I am confusing it with another plugin. I once mentioned it on SourceForge a year or two ago. I will look.

    My question about the list is, how can I know what the commands are for my current toolbar? I have already setup a custom toolbar with this plugin. Now I want to change all the icons. If I want to make icons for every command on my toolbar, how can I do that, I dont know what to write in CustomizeToolbar.btn for all of my commands.

    Also, have you see this?

  • Associating a custom icon to the command File -> New should be:


    The following lines are an explanation. Not part of the code. :)

    • File = the File menu in NPP.
    • New = the New command under the File menu.
    • Tow optional parameters (for nested commands; see the second example) are left empty.
    • New.bmp = your custom BMP file in the Config folder. You can name the file whatever you want (the extension must be .bmp).

    Associating a custom icon to a Python script should be:

    Plugins,Python Script,Scripts,Restore Recent Closed File,OpenLastClosed.bmp
    • Plugins = the Plugins menu in NPP.
    • Python Script = the Python Script menu under the Plugins menu.
    • Scripts = the Scripts menu under the Plugins -> Python Script menu.
    • Restore Recent Closed File = the script’s (command) name.
    • OpenLastClosed.bmp = your custom BMP file in the Config folder.

    And so on…
    I suggest that you start with File -> New, make sure it works and then continue with the others.

    I remember reading the Toolbar Customization page. Never tried it.

    Best regards.

  • Two optional parameters.

    Dear Moderators,
    How about extending the time for editing a post? :)

  • תודה אחי

    A few more questions:

    1. So what happens if I don’t put all my toolbar buttons (per the GUI customizer) into CustomizeToolbar.btn, will they be missing?

    2. Do the lines in CustomizeToolbar.btn need to be in the same order as my custom toolbar? (per the GUI customizer)

    3. Do you think it might be possible one day to have larger icons?

  • My pleasure. :)

    1. Custom buttons (unlike the plugin’s internal buttons) would not be available.
    2. No. The order is saved in CustomizeToolbar.dat created automatically by Customize Toolbar.
    3. That’s a request for the developer. :)

    Best regards.

  • First, Thank You !!!
    For years I’ve tried using the Custom Button feature, only to have it never work.
    What I discovered today on wX is that if the Custom Buttons menu item is checked, the Custom buttons are disabled. When the Custom Buttons is unchecked the buttons are enabled.

  • I copied in the .btn file from removing the Python lines.

    Now after editing the Custom Buttons file, no action enables the custom buttons. The .dat file is recreated, but none of the buttons in the file are added to the list or to the toolbar.

    Restoring the CustomizeToolbar.btn file from the does not work.

    Deleting the .dat and .btn files restores the default set, but no extra buttons functionality


  • @dave-user Any chance you can take a look at these requests again?

    • 48x48 (or larger size toolbar icons)
    • better organized icons (in subfolder)
    • better stability of toolbar (per @Ian-Eales )

  • where to get the source code?

  • I’ve had to switch NPP to 64-bit due to editing restrictions on some corporate software… (long, boring story)
    Of course there are very few plugins available but the one I really want is Customize Toolbar… Any chance of a 64-bit version?

  • Hello Dann,

    I’d suggest to email the developer (Dave).
    His address appears in Customize Toolbar -> Help - Overview.

    Best regards.

  • CoustomizeToolbar.btn file doesn’t support the drop-down menu item with comma inside.

    Eg. Line up multiple lines by(,) include comma inside and hence doesn’t work.

    TextFX,TextFX Edit,Line up multiple lines by(,), xxx.bmp.

    Hope to add this feature in new version.

  • Also if you want own icon, you may find my tool to be handy :) You can create 16x16 icon with it: (for now only icons with text, but I’m planning to add symbol font)

    And then you want to prepare proper BMP. I recommend ImageMagick. The command is:
    magick convert icon.png BMP3:new_icon.bmp
    Where icon.png is the original file and new_icon.bmp will be a proper one. Remember that BMP3: is the most important thing here, as the plugin uses BMP version 3 icons. I didn’t manage to save proper icon in GIMP - it seems it uses BMP4 format and it breaks custom button.

    Steps to reproduce:

    1. Use default CustomizeToolbar.btn
    2. Get (16x16 bit BMP, 8 bit, yet not compatibile with the plugin; it’s RLE, but non-RLE or any other saved by Gimp were causing the same problem) and place it inside icon directory (in my case %APPDATA%\Notepad++\plugins\config)
    3. Replace in CustomizeToolbar.btn the line Edit,Select All,,,custom-icon-2.bmp with Edit,Select All,,,toolbar_ico_phperr0.bmp (i.e. replace icon of button that was working at first)
    4. Run Notepad++ - there’s no “Select all” button in available list
    5. Close Notepad++, replace the same line in CustomizeToolbar.btn with old version ([…]custom-icon-2.bmp)
    6. Button is still missing, even if there’s correct icon now

    Workaround I found to get missing buttons back:

    1. Close N++
    2. Move to save place CustomizeToolbar.btn and CustomizeToolbar.dat
    3. Run N++, so Customize Toolbar will recreate files (default ones) and supposedly some cache
    4. Close N++
    5. Replace default files with the copy from 2nd point

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