Customize Toolbar - New Version 4.1

  • @dave-user Any plans on implementing a 64-bit version and/or can you make the source available through GitHub?

  • @dave-user I would like to echo @MapJe71’s request for either a 64-bit version or access to the source so users can compile it form themselves.

  • Why error? img

  • Why error? look img

  • @Alexander-Kravchenko uninstall DSpellCheck plugin to “solve” problem.

  • Hi,Dave:
    I found that now no plugin can change the size of toolbar’s icon. Would you like to add the feature in your plunin? Thank you.

  • Custom button error on img:
    DSpellCheck removed.
    How to fix it?

  • Hello @Goodie_Slava,

    Did those icons belong to DSpellCheck?
    Did you manually edit CustomizeToolbar.btn? - If you did, remove the references from that file.

    You can also try deleting CustomizeToolbar.btn and CustomizeToolbar.dat (in the Config folder) and restart NPP.

    Best regards.

  • Hello
    How can I create Icons for funtions which there are no icons yet but there is a menu item for it?

  • @MAPJe71

    Thank you for reporting this. I also had same issues and discussed with Dave.
    Apparently the CustomizeToolbar plugin needs all other plugins to be loaded and initialized on start up. Since there is no indication by NPP, an arbitrary waiting time is set then plugin starts. So on slower machines (and with many/ heavy plugins) this time may be insufficient.
    As a workaround, a version with longer waiting time is under test,
    Note, these times are in milliseconds range so it should not “slow down” too much the NPP startup.

    As for DSpellCheck - the relation to this issue is its relatively long overall time to load so any optimization in this regard will help additionally. Already reported on their GitHub

    @dave-user Sorry for bringing this instead of you, I am excited that this annoying thing has a workaround!

  • How to use this plugin to make a button on the toolbar “Document List Panel, Show”
    I only get to bring up the Preferences panel


  • @andrecool-68

    I repeat the most important points of Customize Toolbar plugins’s Help - Custom Buttons and add number 6. based on my experience:

    1. Custom buttons are defined using a configuration file (CustomizeToolbar.btn) located in the Notepad++ configuration sub-folder (…\plugins\config).

    2. The .btn configuration file must employ Unicode UTF-16 Little Endian encoding, with optional Byte Order Mark (BOM) at start of file, and CR-LF line breaks.
      When creating this file with Notepad++, set Encoding to UCS-2 Little Endian.

    3. Each definition in the configuration file comprises five comma-separated fields (four menu strings and an optional .bmp icon file name).

    4. If the .bmp icon file name is present, the icon file must be located in the Notepad++ configuration sub-folder (…\plugins\config).

    5. Each .bmp icon file must be an image of 16x16 pixels with a bit depth of 8-bits. Any pixels with the same colour as the bottom left pixel will appear transparent.

    6. You have to localize the menu entries used in the configuration file.

    When the Custom Buttons feature is enabled and the .btn configuration file doesn’t exist it is created and contains examples of custom button definitions. These are the examples:

    Edit,Select All,,,custom-icon-1.bmp

    Since my Notepad++ locale is german I had to change it to:

    Bearbeiten,Alles auswählen,,,custom-icon-1.bmp

    To please requirement 5. - the 8-bit BMP format of the icons - convert an ICO/PNG/what-ever-file to BMP (usually you’ll get a 24-bit BMP) and convert that to 8-bit BMP using plain old vanilla MS Paint (select 256 colors Bitmap file type).

    But finally I gave up to use custom icons because the Customize Toolbar plugin works not very reliable in that point, sometimes it works and sometimes not.

  • @dinkumoil
    I have three buttons, two of them work:

    Plugins,Visual Studio Line Copy,CopyAllowLine,,custom-icon-1.bmp
    Plugins,Visual Studio Line Copy,CutAllowLine,,custom-icon-1.bmp

    And one button does not work:

    Settings,Preferences...,General,Document List Panel,Show,,custom-icon-1.bmp

  • @andrecool-68

    i don’t think you can toggle doc switcher with the customize toolbar plugin.
    only menu items can be selected, but not items in a settings window.

    it would be cool though, to show/hide doc switcher quicker than to go to the settings every time.

  • @Meta-Chuh Of course it would be more convenient, this option should also be present in the “view menu”

  • @Meta-Chuh
    I found this solution, and it works … but as always I want to simplify the solution … and not complicate it))

  • @andrecool-68

    @Meta-Chuh said:

    only menu items can be selected, but not items in a settings window.

    That’s exactly the meaning of point 3. in my list above:

    four menu strings and an optional .bmp icon file name

    Please note: It says “four menu strings”, so the nesting depth of suitable menu entries can only be 4.

  • @dinkumoil You mean that I got five lines … and because of this all the problems?

  • @andrecool-68 said:

    I found this solution, and it works

    Also can do it via Pythonscript:


  • @andrecool-68 said:

    @dinkumoil You mean that I got five lines … and because of this all the problems?

    No, the cause of your problem was that you tried to toggle settings in the preferences dialog. That’s not the intended use case of the Customize Toolbar plugin.

    Mentioning the 4 menu strings was meant to be as a hint that you maybe should read the specs of the plugin more thoroughly before further experiments.

    BTW: Your first screenshot concerning the issue showed three hammer icons, the default symbol for not assignable icons (e.g. icon file not found or wrong icon file format).

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