Customize Toolbar - New Version 4.1

  • Version 4.1 of Customize Toolbar has been released.

    Version 4.1 fixes the problem that prevented the ‘Folder Margin Style’ options (in Notepad++ Settings > Preferences > Editing) from actually changing the folder margin style. In order to fix this problem, the command codes for the ‘Hide … Margin’ menu items and toolbar buttons have had to be changed (see Release Notes below).

    Both ANSI and Unicode variants are available for download at: Toolbar v4.1/ Toolbar v4.1/


    New features, changes and fixes in Version 4.1:

    • Chg: Command code for Hide Line Number Margin menu item and toolbar button changed from 44012 to 44212.

    • Chg: Command code for Hide Bookmark Margin menu item and toolbar button changed from 44013 to 44213.

    • Chg: Command code for Hide Folder Margin menu item and toolbar button changed from 44014 to 44214.

    • Fix: Changing Folder Margin Style in Notepad++ Settings > Preferences > Editing dialog did not change folder margin style. Fixed.

  • Hello dave-user,

    First of all, I wish you, your family and friends an excellent year 2016. I, also, want to thank you, again, for your involvement in fixing some bugs, on Win XP configurations( whose mine ! ), last year !

    So, I tested the UNICODE Customize Toolbar v4.1 plugin ( No tests on the ANSI version, yet ) and I pleased to tell you, Dave, that I didn’t notice any problem or issue :-)) The two options Custom buttons and Wrap Toolbar works nice !

    In addition, your plugin does have a professional look ! The Customize Toolbar dialog box is, even, automatically translated in my mother language ( French ) !

    Some points, NOT mentioned in the Help dialogs, for people who would be interested by your plugin :

    • In order that the three Menu commands View - Hide Line Number Margin, View - Hide Bookmark Margin, View - Hide Folder Margin, and the three corresponding buttons, when added in the Toolbar, work properly :

      • The two options Settings - Preferences… - Editing - Display line number and Settings - Preferences… - Editing - Display bookmark must be checked

      • The option Settings - Preferences… - Editing - Folder Margin style must be different from the None choice

    • You can open the Customize Toolbar box, by double-clicking, simply, on an empty place of the N++ Toolbar

    • If you press the SHIFT key, you can move any icon to an other position of the Toolbar, by dragging it with a left mouse click

    • If you press the SHIFT key and drag any icon, out of the Toolbar, it will, logically, disappear. However, that specific icon/command, will be, again, available in the left drop-down list of the Customize Toolbar dialog box !

    Best Regards,


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