Determine closing/beginning brackets

  • Hi,

    I in the past have used MultiEdit editor, which allowed me to highlight the beginning bracket, and then by invoking a CTRL+ sequence, the editor moved to the end bracket. It would also allow for highlighting the end bracket, and invoking the CTRL+ sequence, would then display the beginning bracket.

    Is there such a way in Notepad++, either natively or via a plugin to have this same type of behavior?

    My system is Windows 7, with latest version of Notepad++.

    Thank you for any assistance.

  • Hello gedinfo,

    yes, highlighting of brackets should already work automatically and jumping from one to the other bracket is CTRL+b


  • Because I remap my keymap extensively (25 years experience with other editors, would not use N++ if I couldn’t remap [mostly] to what I’m familiar with), I like to talk in terms of “features” not “key-combinations”. So in this case I would tell the OP to use the Search menu and select “Go to matching brace”. Executing that menu sequence has the added bonus of showing people the keystroke combo on THEIR specific setup, as it appears to the right of the menu text. Telling the default key combo is fine, but it should be said that it is the default, not an absolute. :)

  • Hello Scott,

    yes, absolutely correct.
    Thanks for providing additional informations.


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