6.8.9 version

  • I don’t understand why this version was removed but I have been using it and just like the last 6 - 8 versions after I use it for a while I can’t do a full page scan but instead it clips the top half of a page. I uninstall then reinstall & it works again. Has anyone else had this problem.

    Sorry I have not taken the time to introduce myself but I am in a time crunch to get other things done. My name is Thom and I’ve got more than 25 years of experience with software, and hardware. I started using computers prior to Windows 1.0 with D.O.S. 3 so I am not a novice for most things. I was testing software for BBS owners prior to the Internet. I am a computer internet junkie. This is what gets me high. I was so super happy when the internet was introduced. So much information about anything & I do mean anything that you want to learn about is here. Of course you have to know how to dig it out of all the rest of the crap information. I am in 7th heaven when it comes to the internet
    I hope that what I have mentioned here helps someone. Notepad ++ is one of the best alternatives to Notepad but still lacks some things that Wordpad offers. I also use The Journal 45 day trial and then the software is still very good even though some (very few) high end commands don’t function but the software is just as good as word only it is world on steroids. Seriously it is totally worth the price that the programmer is asking. If he sold it for what it was really worth it would be $90 + easy. You can put the software on a security thumb drives like an Ironkey then put a pass phrase on as many levels as you want in order to make it unbreakable. Literally this is the best journal software on the market.
    So now I will shut up and wait for someone to write and tell me to shut up. :-)

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