Notepad++ and EMET incompatibility

  • Has any run into problems running recent versions of Notepad++ on systems with EMET 5.2 (Enhanced Mitigation Experience Tookit -

    Recent versions of Notepad++ (6.8.6 and up I believe) crash on startup now which has not been a problem with any previous versions for the past year. Ultimately I needed to disable the ROP Caller Check within EMET which allowed Notepad++ to function correctly again. This mitigation check makes sure that when an application reaches a critical function it is reached via a CALL function rather than on a RET instruction.

    I just thought I would point this out in case it hasn’t been reported yet, and to help others running into crash scenarios with EMET installed.

  • Hello @Chris-Jalbert,

    thanx for letting us know. Just one question of an uninformed one, why would I use EMET?


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