Feature request: Add ability to move file across the "document list panel"

  • I need to change the order of files in the “document list panel” by dragging and dropping the files to the desired locations

  • I posted the same request.

  • +1 this feature

    There is also another, possible, solution.
    And there’s a workaround

    Alternate solution
    Other features that are likely easier to make:
    One can sort ascending/descending by name (click on column title)

    • Please add sort by modified date to bring files together that were worked on together

    • Please add sort by folder by name as well

    That might answer the need to change order manually

    Select the files you want batched together (use Ctrl+click)
    Right-click and close
    Repeat Alt-f-1 to re-open the files until they’re all open - they will be at the bottom of the list

    (Use Alt-f-r-1 if you use the Recent files as a sub-menu)

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