Adding " at the beginning and end of every line

  • I was given the following info and it worked until yesterday but does not work today. This is VERY strange. Instead of adding just a double quote at the beginning or end, it replaces the first or last character with the & symbol.

    For example, you can add a quote at the end of every line:
    Edit > Find & Replace
    Search for: .$
    Replace with: &"

    Options/Regular expressions: ON

    Click Replace All

    And, similarly, at the beginning:
    Search for: ^.
    Replace with: "&

    I have restarted the program and reloaded the document with no success. What is wrong now? I have tried it over and over again and get the same result.


  • I think you need to write $&" and "$& for replacement. You may want to use [^"] instead of . to skip lines already beginning/ending with ". Use [^"\r\n] to also skip empty lines.

  • Hello @W-C

    when having

    Search for: $
    Replace with: "


    Search for: ^
    Replace with: "

    then it should have worked but not with the dot char added and with the restriction gerdb42 mentioned.

    You can also use a single regex, something like

    Search for: ^(.+)$
    Replace with: "\1"

    Search for explained:
    ^ = from the beginning of the line
    (.+) = looking for atleast one but as much as possible chars and return the match until
    $ = end of line is reached

    Replace with explained:
    " = insert a double quote followed by the
    \1 = matched result and
    " = add an additional double quote


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