Wrong big font in tab header

  • Hello

    I have a problem with an incorrectly sized font used in the tab headers (and some other places, like the style menue). The font is way to big. Unfortunately I couldn’t find a place to define the font used for the tab headers.

    This problem might be related to the fact that I use Windows 10 and different display settings. I have a notebook with a very high screen resolution (2880 x 1620) which I use with a scale factor of 125%.

    When in the office the notebook is docked and connected to two LCD monitors having 1920 x 1200. When docked, I use a scale factor of 100%.

    Does Notepad++ pay attention to the display scale facor at all? Is it possible that the scale factor is the cause for my problem?

    And the final question: Is there anything I can do to make Notepad++ use the correct font size again? I already tried a re-installation, but with no avail…


  • @RickX62

    I don’t have the possibility to test this but I would assume that this is the cause of the problem.
    You could easily test it by using 100% on both screens. If this solves the issue then we should be sure
    that npp has a weak point here.


  • I have had this issue as well and not just with np++.

    Try going into the windows display settings and setting the scale you want. Then log off and log back on.

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