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  • To be honest, I just read about the possibility of having userdata exposing metable a few days ago. ;-)
    Seems to be a new feature in lua 5.3 - I will try to get more details about it and if I feel I understood enough
    I might open a feature request ;-)


  • @Yaron

    In case you are curious, this is how you’d get Visual Studio-like copy and paste functionality:

    -- Mimic Visual Studio's "Ctrl+C" that copies the entire line if nothing is selected
    npp.AddShortcut("Copy Allow Line", "Ctrl+C", function()
    -- Mimic Visual Studio's "Ctrl+X" that cuts the line if nothing is selected
    npp.AddShortcut("Cut Allow Line", "Ctrl+X", function()
        if editor.SelectionEmpty then

    Also shortcuts show up in the plugin’s main menu so in theory you can assign them to N++'s context menu.

  • Hi All,

    A simple method to mimic the Visual Studio’s shortcuts ( CTRL +C/X ) is to change the default shortcuts of the lines 91 and 92, of the Scintilla commands tab, in the Shortcut Mapper !

    Just set the shortcut ALT + CTRL + X, in line 91 and the shortcut ALT + CTRL + C, in line 92

    Of course, I need to use the additional ALT key. So, it’s not as neat as the Dail’s Lua script :-) But this may help, anyway !

    REMARK : If I remember correctly, I think that :

    • The ALT + CTRL + C shortcut is used, by default, to open the Color Picker plugin

    • The ALT + CTRL + X shortcut performs, by default, the option Translate CamelCase/underscore_case of the Translate plugin

    So, be aware of that, if you use the Color Picker and/or Translate plugins !



  • Just using SCI_LINECUT and SCI_LINECOPY doesn’t quite match Visual Studio’s behavior. ;)

  • Hi Dail,

    I, first, based on your two comments, in your Lua script, below :

    – Mimic Visual Studio’s “Ctrl+C” that copies the entire line if nothing is selected

    – Mimic Visual Studio’s “Ctrl+X” that cuts the line if nothing is selected

    As you said that SCI_LINECUT and SCI_LINECOPY don’t have exactly the same behaviour :

    • I downloaded your last 0.2.0 version of your Lua plugin

    • After some searches, in your Lua documentation, I understood that the Notepad object npp.AddShortcut must be called, on startup only !

    • So, I put your lua script text, inside the StartUp script and save it. Then, I closed and restarted my 6.8.8 N++.

    => As expected, the new commands CTRL + C and CTRL + X do the job, nicely, even if no selection exists !

    Unfortunately, I couldn not see any difference with the Scintilla commands SCI_LINECUT and SCI_LINECOPY ( that I kept, with the ALT + CTRL + X/C shortcuts ), even after pasting the clipboard contents, in an other document !

    What I’m missing ?



  • With the two shortcuts I’ve posted they work to enhance the normal copy and cut functionality. If there is a selection they both work as normal copy/cut. If there is no selection then they behave by copying or cutting the line. However, SCI_LINECUT and SCI_LINECOPY doesn’t pay any attention the the selection.

    Secondly, to quote the documentation about SCI_COPYALLOWLINE

    On Windows, an extra “MSDEVLineSelect” marker is added to the clipboard which is then used in SCI_PASTE to paste the whole line before the current line.

    So the difference is when it is pasted it replaces the entire line instead of pasting the line directly at the cursor’s position.

    Similar effects can be achieved both ways but users that are use to Visual Studios will definitely notice a difference.

  • Hello all,

    Thank you for your contribution (and generosity…).

    Thank you for your contribution. Nice to see an old friend. :)

    Thank you for further developing and improving this important plugin. Great work.

    And thanks also for referring to my Copy Line request. Really nice.

    It would be nice to have a function coping the current line regardless of any selection (like editor.lineCopy() in PythonScript).

    I actually meant an option to copy the entire line even if part of it is selected.
    In a future version. :)

    And, with your permission, two more requests:

    1. A context-menu in the Console Output field.
    2. An option to change text direction (LTR/RTL) in the Console Input field.
      (PythonScript uses the System Edit-Context-Menu which includes this functionality).

    Best regards.

  • @Yaron

    I actually meant an option to copy the entire line even if part of it is selected.

    If I understand what you are wanting you can simply use editor:LineCopy()

    A context-menu in the Console Output field.

    Would be simple to add. If you want you can open a feature request on Github and we can discuss it more there.

    An option to change text direction (LTR/RTL) in the Console Input field.

    One of the change I made from PythonScript was replace the input field with a Scintilla control. So I’m not sure how easy this would be to change the text direction.

  • Hello Dail,

    Thanks for your quick reply ! But, even before opening my laptop and seeing your post, this morning ( in France ! ), I had understood the differences between the two behaviours. Indeed, although I ran the copy and cut commands, with a previous selection, I did not see the differences, at first sight !

    Sorry. It would have saved you to reply me about this matter, as you, certainly, need time to develop your Lua plugin :-(

    Best Regards


    BTW, it’s a chance that you give the Visual Studio’s method, about copy/cut text ! Because, the two commands editor:LineCopy() and editor:LineDelete() are absent, from your Lua Script documentation, at the address below :


  • Hello dail,

    Thanks for replying.

    Yes, I was looking for ‘editor:LineCopy()’.
    Not finding it in the documentation page, I assumed it was not available.

    I’ve opened two issues on GitHub.

    Best regards.

  • A new version has been release. v0.4.0

    Now with API documentation. https://dail8859.github.io/LuaScript/

    This release includes bug fixes, GUI enhancements, and a large portion of the Notepad++ message and notifications are available.

    As always, comments/questions are welcome.

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