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  • I am so impressed with Notepad ++… I use it all the time, especially when developing.

    Now I’m pretty sure that someone must have asked for this before but would it be possible to employ the mouse wheel to scroll through the page tabs. Sometimes, when working on my latest build, I have 30+ tabs open. Its not a massive feature that everyone would enjoy but for me it would be a great bonus. Is this do-able?

  • Hello @Filious-Factotum

    afaik, not yet implemented but do you know that you can access the tabs by using

    CTRL+1 or 2 or 3 - 9 (on numpad) directly and with
    CTRL+page up and page down to switch to next/previous tab?


  • Hey thaks for the speedy response Claudia… and no, I didn’t know. Thanks for sharing…There are so many great features notepad++ team have come up with…

  • Hello Filious,

    Oh ! I missed that post. I’ve, also, a nice solution that uses the mouse :

    • Click and hold on the mouse RIGHT button

    • At the SAME time, move, up or down, the wheel mouse, to select the wanted file

    => At once, the yellow-orange list of all the opened documents should appear

    • Release the RIGHT mouse button to close the files list and open the wanted file, whose path appears in bold characters

    NOTE :

    • For less than about 50 files, simultaneously opened, in your N++ session, this list should be seen, in its totality, on the screen !

    • This mouse gesture is a bit hard to get, at first, but, once you get used to, you’ll find this gesture quite natural :-))

    Best Regards


  • Hello guy038,

    Thank you so much for this nice tip. How did you find it? :)

    Allow me to use this opportunity and thank you also for your extraordinary Regex solutions.
    You are the undisputed Regex master.

    Best regards.

  • Hi Yaron,

    Thank you for your kind words. Indeed, regexes are, really, a fascinating world !. We can, generally, produce many changes, in a text, with a very short regex expression. And getting the shortest one, is just like a game, a kind of puzzle, to my mind :-)

    As for the tip, of my previous post, I, just, read the N++ documentation, from the different links, below :

    or download the .CHM file, from the link below, and look at the section Switching between documents :

    See also, my post below :



  • Hello guy038,

    It’s a pleasure complementing someone who really deserves it.

    It turns out that reading an application’s documentation can actually be useful. :)
    Thank you for those links.

    Best regards.

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