This forum software

  • Some observations:

    1. The ‘markdown’ for emphasising text , as described here, does not do what it says on the tin, i.e. there’s no mention of italicizing text but it can be achieved by bracketing selected text with single asterisks or single underscores, and bold is produced by using double asterisks or underscores; a combination of both produces this, but there is no method to underline text (I’ve seen strike-through used elsewhere in the forum, though I can find no means to produce it).

    2. I do not get notified by email for replies to watched/subscribed topics. Should I be?

    3. You do not get notified of the three minute time limit until after you have tried to submit an edit to a previous post (if the 3 min. limit has expired the edit option should not appear in the post’s tools menu).

  • Disregard my comments about bold and italics, I obviously wasn’t reading the label on the tin properly. :-/

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