Close console etc windows using keyboard?

  • Is there a way to close “extra” non-document windows - especially the Search Results Window, but also others such as the Python Script Console - other than by using the mouse to click the window’s close button? I haven’t managed to stumble across this in either the menus or the Shortcut Mapper.

    Among the things I routinely do in NPP so far, this is the only one which I haven’t figured out how to do from the keyboard. I have to think it must be possible. I know that the physical movement is probably good for my health :-) but somehow I find it jarring to have to reach for the mouse whenever I want to do this. It sort of breaks up my flow, not least of all because every time I do it, this same question automatically replays itself in my mind and I have to tell myself to ignore it (yeah, I’m a bit peculiar …)


  • Hi Matt,

    tbh, I din’t find a way to close search result window by using keyboard. :-(

    Python Script console could be closed by typeing console.hide() into
    the run line.

    When you assing a shortcut to show console you could just press the shortcut to
    give it the focus then type the command.

    if console.hide() is to long you could edit and add

    c = console.hide

    and then write


    to the run line or you create a python script which just calls console.hide()


  • I found a way to close all console windows at once with two quick keystrokes - it’s pretty cheesy …

    • Alt-F4 to exit Notepad++

    • Then one more key combination: A Windows shortcut to start Notepad++ again, which I already had in place anyway. In my case: Alt-Ctrl-M, in fond memory of Multi-Edit :-)

    … but since NPP exits and restarts so quickly and puts you right back where you were, this does the job quite nicely :-)

  • Hi Matt,

    this is a good one :-D


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