6.9 Release Candidate

  • @dail said:

    The folder in the panel could just be automatically removed.


    However I can see cases that someone adds a folder from a network drive and you’d still want to keep that item in the panel.
    A better suggestion would be to at least indicate to the user the folder is not available or does not exist. (Maybe grey-out that section of the tree list?)

    I’m aware of this problem but I have no solution (yet). The thing is when C:\my_dir\ is monitored by system API, there is no notification from system for the change of node “my_dir” (renames or deleted). If you want to be notified for the change of node “my_dir”, you have to monitor C:\ - in this case, you got also all the notifications of other folders under C:\ .

    Also I can see that the name “Folder as Workspace” might cause some confusion since Notepad++ already has “Workspaces” it can use in the project panel. My suggestion would be to modify the project pane to deal with a “Project” instead of a “Workspace” (e.g. Save Project, Open Project, Reload Project) and that this new feature should just be the “Workspace”.

    Yes, it’s intended, kind of. :)
    Project panel can contain several projects, that forms a workspace. However, Project panel may not meet needs of the most of people - Folder as Workspace could be more suitable for them.

    Again this is just my two cents

    Thank you for your valuable suggestions and thank you for all (very) quality code contributions!

  • Hello Don,

    when closing folder as workspace window by pressing x in top right corner,
    view->folder as workspace still being marked as active/visible

    When trying to add a directory e.g. c:\ but c:\windows as already added
    we do get an information that a subdirectory has already been added and
    you should remove it first -> OK
    But when using a junction point it doesn’t report this.
    Same with mapped drives.

    Let’s say c:\p_link points to c:\python\python27,
    add c:\p_link to the workspace
    add c:\python ->no warning message


  • @Claudia-Frank
    Thank you for the bug report.

    when closing folder as workspace window by pressing x in top right corner, view->folder as workspace still being marked as active/visible

    This issue has been fixed and committed:

    But when using a junction point it doesn’t report this.
    Same with mapped drives.

    This one is quite tough, I will see what can I do about it.

  • The discussion about this feature made me aware of a related (and to me, much more valuable) feature called workspaces! This makes me wonder how many other features I don’t use because I don’t know they exist. I wonder if there is something like an instruction manual for Notepad++.

    I would also like to check that this new version contains a fix to the problem associated with files that change externally to Notepad++, that caused the previous version to be retracted.


  • @David-Bailey
    Yes, indeed. I’m aware of the lack of document.
    I’m doing an online Notepad++ document (gitbook) based on the old document.

    Once I finish it’s structure, I will call the community to join for its maintenance.

  • Thanks Don,

    I discovered after I wrote that comment that there are, in fact some scraps of manuals to be found on the internet, but nothing that even comes close to documenting all the NPP features!

    Do you intend that the manual at the link you gave will grow with time at that location, or will the new manual appear somewhere else in due course?

    Is there a way to add the current file being edited to a workspace. I think that would be quite useful. I also appreciate that the NPP_Workspace file is in a very simple format if it is necessary to create a workspace outside NPP

  • David and All,

    In addition to the future N++ documentation ( gitook ) , proposed by Don, at the address :


    Here are, below, TWO links to OLDER documentations :

    • Download the English NppHelp.chm file, N++ v6.6.4 ( the latest, that I could find ! ), from the link below.

    NOTE :

    If, when clicking on the downloaded help file, you get a security warning dialog, just uncheck the option Always ask before opening this file and valid the opening


    • Click on the link below ( up to N++ 6.6.6, about ) and, then, click, on the left part ( The side bar ) of that main page, on one of the two N++ ARTICLES,

      • by Title

      • by Topic


    Best Regards,


  • Hi Don
    I already wrote about problems copying. Here’s a video.

    Video of bug

  • @Artur-Hareson
    I can reproduce this bug. I’ll take care of it.

  • @Artur-Hareson
    Bug has been fixed and committed:

    Will be in the next version.

  • Thanks for your comment guy038,

    However, I hope you agree that none of those documents in their present form come even close to describing the full functionality of NP++!

    IMHO, a decent NP++ manual would be by far the most valuable feature that could be added at this point!

  • Hi David,

    Of course, I totally agree to your last post ! That said, who should maintain an updated documentation of N++ ?

    It would be quite a huge work for an unique man ( or woman !). And, to my mind, too many people should not be the good solution, too ! I do think that a narrowed team of 4-5 persons ( which would have, each of them, some skills, on a specific domain ), and with Don Ho, as the coordinator, would be the best configuration !

    Best Regards,


  • Guy038,

    Could this me set up something like a wiki project - perhaps freezing out sections as soon as they seem satisfactory?

    Otherwise, I don’t see the manual ever being done! Think of how much useful material can be found on Wiki!

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