Tailing or Auto-scrolling log files

  • Using the latest NP++ cannot get either of the following to work:

    [Settings][Preferences][MISC][File Status Auto-Detection] with all of the following checked
    Update silently
    Scroll to last line

    Document Monitor plugin – does not work

    Any ideas?

  • Hello @Scott-Hahn,

    there is something you need to be aware about this functionality.
    Npp uses an api call to register an callback to get informed when a
    change happens. Unfortunattely this callback doesn’t get informed
    when an application modifies a file but doesn’t close it afterwards.

    In addition, npp seems to show the changes only if the app get’s refocused.
    (not sure if this is the correct wording)
    Meaning, if you switch to another application and back to npp again.

    So, if you want to use npp as a file monitor with the built-in functionality
    I would advise against it.


  • Thanks … that’s exactly whats happening. I’ll continue to use Baretail :)

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