Just built npp 6.8.8 x64 from source...

  • It’s surprisingly easy: start the x64 native command line from VS 2013 community edition, and following the steps in source tree(PowerEditor\visual.net) and scintilla\win32)
    With x64 binary, I can now open > 1GB files. There are a couple of issues:

    1. I have to use the NOBOOST=1 option for building the scintilla DLLs. If I use the boost library, there are 16 unresolved external symbols.
    2. The plugins cannot be loaded, apparently because they are 32bit dlls. Probably I can build the plugins as x64 if I really need them.

    Note: the right click handler:“Edit with Notepad++” may cause crash if the x64 binary is not copied to the installed location.

  • I know a few other people have built a 64-bit version of it. It’s not without its problems as you have found out. Although even if you are able to open > 1GB files, Notepad++ is not really made to be very user friendly when handling large files.

  • Just made the DSpellCheck plugin to work in x64. It turned out it’s more difficult than making NPP work in x64. I have to change 2 function pointers from long to LONG_PTR.

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