Bug: Function List not showing php functions with arrays in parameters

  • The Function List seems to ignore functions that have arrays as default parameters. Example:

    class Some_Class {
      function __construct() {
      function some_function($a = array()) {
      function another_function($b = null) {

    I expect to see a class with three functions, however I see a class with two, the function with the the array in the parameters is absent. This is valid PHP code, so it should be showing three functions. The same results occur when the functions are not inside a class object.

    I am using NPP Version 6.9 on Windows 7 x64. Thanks!

  • Hello Randall-Bilby,

    I do have the some function show up in function list. See here.
    So, I assume your functionlist.xml is using different php parser, could this be?


  • OK it appears that I wasn’t able to reproduce this on another computer! I will check funcitonlist.xml and get to the bottom of it. Thank you for your prompt reply!

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