Special characters in Notepad++

  • I have a table defined as:
    CREATE TABLE a1_error_handler
    error_code char(9) not null,
    language_code varchar2(10) DEFAULT ‘EN’ not null,
    title_nbr number(5) not null,
    description varchar2(500) not null,
    CONSTRAINT pk_a1_error_handler PRIMARY KEY (error_code, language_code)
    using index
    tablespace smartsoft_index
    tablespace smartsoft_data

    It contains data as follows:
    ‘400MX0146’,‘EN’,17,‘A file name can’‘t contain any of the following characters: \ / : * ? " < > |’
    Notice the special characters: \ / : * ? " < > |
    How do I define them in Notepad++ (or add to them)??


  • Hello @Murray-Sobol,

    what do you mean by

    How do I define them in Notepad++ (or add to them)??

    In regards to coloring in SQL?
    Or do you have problems adding datasets containing such chars to the table?
    Then it isn’t a npp question rather than a SQL or database question.


  • In regards to coloring them…
    If I add a few more special characters I would like to see them also colored.

  • Hello @Murray-Sobol,

    well it depends, when using a UDL then you can easily add it to the already configured keyowrds/operators etc… by using the Language->Define your language and select the proper UDL.
    When using a builtin lexer than you can only add it as keywords by using
    Settings->Style Configurator->Select the lexer and fill in user defined keywords.

  • I used the Style Configurator to add keywords like MERGE etc for SQL
    Thanks Claudia

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