Auto-save file before running a command

  • Is there a way to have Notepad++ auto-save the current document before running a command? Like one that opens the current document in another editor (because the other editor has certain features that Notepad++ lacks)? Thanks.

  • Hello @Albert-Wiersch,

    when using nppexec plugin you could do something like

    python $(FULL_CURRENT_PATH)

    of course you need to replace python by your other editor.
    If it can be found using PATH variable you need to provide the complete path.

    Just for interest, what are those functions you are missing?


  • Thanks. I was hoping this could be done without a plug-in. This seems like a feature that should be native.

    The functions missing are the HTML, CSS, link-checking, etc. features that CSE HTML Validator has (I’m the developer of that software)… I want Notepad++ users to be able to easily open their HTML & CSS documents in CSE HTML Validator for testing/checking. I’ve described it here for Notepad++ and some other editors:

    Most other editors either auto-save the current/active document or have an option to do so when running a command.

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