Better Linux/Wine compaitbility (list of issues)

  • Let me start by saying that Linux needs N++. As ironic as it is, Linux doesn’t have good text editors like Notepad++. Thankfully, Notepad++ runs on Ubuntu quite well. It integrates with the OS, appears in the launcher, can be set as default. There is no need for a “native” version. There’s nothing wrong with Wine.

    However, there are a few rough spots that should be easy to fix:

    • Freeze when a file is edited externally (and File Status Auto-Detection is enabled)
    • Open File dialog doesn’t handle UNIX paths
      • Navigating using the mouse is fine, but trying to paste a complete path (eg /home/alex/myfile.txt) returns a filename cannot contain any of the following characters: / : < > |
    • In the text fields of dialogs like the Find What field of Replace..., the shortcut Ctrl+A (Select All) does not work, and selection doesn’t clear when you tab to the next field.
      • I know it sounds minor, but it really grinds against my Find+Replace habits.

    There are just the things that bother me. If anyone else experiences issues, please add to this list to make it the official Wine whine list.

    Tested with wine-1.8 on Xubuntu 15.10

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