Feature Request: "Yes to all button" when reloading modified files

  • Very often I have many files opened as tabs in notepad++, and it happens that many of them are being changed before I return the focus to the Notepad++ application. Then I am asked for each one of them if I want to reload it, which is quite annoying, and when I have clicked on the “Yes” button for all of them, the active tab is not the tab with the file which was previously active, but the last one reloaded, and I have to search for the previously active file manually.
    My suggestion is to add “Yes to all” button in the Reload dialog, and when pressed, it reloads all the modified files, keeping active the tabs that was active when the Notepad++ gained the focus.

  • Hello @TheVigiIante,

    I assume your a talking about File Status Auto-detection.
    This cannot be solved easily because the way how it works is like this

    • notepad registers a callback to the os to get informed when that file has been changed.
    • once the os detects the file change this callback gets executed
    • now you see the dialog
    • when pressing ok
    • the callback gets called again because of another change and so on …

    So npp doesn’t know that there is another change when you receive the first dialog about the file change.


  • Hi All,

    Thinking about The Vigilante’s problem, here is a solution that would allow everyone to easily locate few particular tabs, among two or more tens tabs, simultaneously opened, in a single N++ session.

    May be it’s a silly idea but, why couldn’t we colour some specific tabs, differently, than with the classical dark or light grey colour ?

    By this mean, it’ll be easy to, immediately, click on our main files opened. For instance, we could have 4 “main” files, coloured in yellow, blue, red and green, or even in an specific colour, leaving all the other tabs, with their grey background !

    Of course, the Tab Context Menu should contain a new entry : something like Coloured in…, with a list of colours, similar to the one of the Style Configurator. Although I’m not an N++’ developer :-((, I suppose, that it should not be too complicated to achieve !?

    It’s obvious that the new feature would be useful, just in case of more than ten tabs, about, opened, per N++ session.

    Is this a sensible suggestion ?



  • Hi guy,

    I’m not quite sure if I understand your answer in regards to the question.
    How could this be applied to the feature request being asked for?


  • Hello, Claudia,

    Of course, my previous has NOT a direct relation to The Vigilante’s problem !

    But, I’m just referring to this part of his post :

    and I have to search for the previously active file manually.

    So, I thought about an easy way to pinpoint a particular tab, among numerous ones !



  • Hi guy038,

    I see, sorry, one of my brain features is to mask text if I can’t map it to the topic.
    But, obvisouly, this is an answer to a question which I simply ignored.


  • +1 I agree with @TheVigiIante, often times I open multiple tabs and keep Notepad++ open for several days. Its annoying to click yes on each of the file change dialog. Maybe you can store the status of each of the file change callback and show a dialog will all the modified files on the disk?

  • @Irfan-Sheikh

    For sure a workaround, but holding down Alt+y (to answer “yes”) until all of these popups are closed could ease your annoyance. Maybe. :-)

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