Feature Request: Movable Tabs

  • Hey I’ve been a user of NP++ for years and LOVE it. There is ONE thing I’d sure like to see it do though. It’s a small thing, but still annoying to me personally.

    ** On the tabs, be able to drag them around so that they can be re-ordered. Just play with Chrome’s tabs as an example. **

    Rationale: I’m a programmer, but I basically use NP++ for various scripting work when I don’t have an IDE. When doing this, I often have a file open with various notes about things I do and need. However, I often forget to open this “notes” file first (or possibly double-click on a file that’s linked to NP++). When I do this, my “notes” files is not the first tab, which is annoying.

    I know that this isn’t a biggie, but it’d sure be nice.

    Regards, and keep up the GREAT GREAT work.

  • Hello @Elroy-Sullivan,

    I’m not quite sure if I understand you correctly but what about
    left click on tab, keep pressing the left mouse button and drag the tab to the place you want?


  • Hmmm, maybe I need to update because mine doesn’t do that. I’m on v6.8.8. I’ll check for updates though.

    Also, just FYI the “Feature request: pinned tabs” request below is essentially (in many ways) the same request (or at least has the same rationale).

  • This feature was introduced long time ago, 6.8.8 had it already.
    We are talking about reordering of tabs not about pinning, do we?
    Even pinning, which isn’t available yet, would result in the same it’s
    a little bit different to what I suggested, as a pinned tab can’t be moved.
    Reordering of tabs should already work.


  • I updated to 6.9 and I still don’t get that functionality. But yes, that’s sure what I’d like to see. I’m also running Windows 7. Maybe it’s OS dependent.

    Gosh, I even played with it some more before I actually got this email sent. I’m usually pretty good with computers, having programmed them for 30+ years, but this one just doesn’t seem to be working for me. Maybe there’s a setting somewhere I need to turn on.

    Yeah, I know that “pinning” is a bit different, but I think the rationale is the same. When I open NP++ (by whatever method), if I could just scan down my recent files list and open one or two files that I like to have ALWAYS open, and then get those tabs to be on the far-left (pinned or not), I’d be VERY happy.

    Thanks For Your Great Work,

  • @Elroy-Sullivan It sounds like you have the tabs locked.


  • @dail said:


    Oh-My-Gosh!!! That was EXACTLY it. Thank you SO MUCH, Dail. (And I even know what I did. I don’t like the select-drag-drop features of many IDEs and Word Processors, so I try to turn those off. I’m sure, during setup ever how many years ago, I saw this and thought that’s what it was.)

    Also, Claudia, thank you for being patient with me.

    Y’all are great and NP++ is great too!

    Take Care All,

  • Elroy, for me it is good to see that I’m not the only one who reconfigures programs and wonders why something
    doesn’t work which in case has been reported to work ;-D


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